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"Land Refined by Synergy"

"Optimizing the land's productivity,

by creating places of beauty."

- Michael Landers

Build Georgia

Awards and Accomplishments


Apple Of Our Eye Award

May 7, 2004

Bay County - "This Award is Given to Show Our Appreciation For Your Conscientious Effort in Improving Bay County's Image"

Build Georgia Award


In Recognition of the

Integrity Heights at Highlands 

Georgia Branch, Associated General Contractors of America, Inc.


Golden Nail Award

December 17, 2010

In Recognition of Contributions to the Physical character of Downtown through

Improvement of a Historically Significant Property

Associated General Contractors

Associated General Contractors,

the national voice of the construction industry dedicated to

Skill - Intregity - Responsibility

Kinzel - Home Mag

News and Publications

November, 2010

V3 Magazine

Leaner. Meaner. Greener - "How the Greener Burger Company turned a former fast-food staple into a healthy-minded burger joint for the new millennium."  read entire article

Homes & Land Magazine

Volumn 12 - Issue 6

Cedar and Stone Home located in Kinzel Springs, a Gated Community in Townsend, TN

Fox - Home Mag

Homes & Land Magazine

Volumn 14 - Issue 3

The Terraces at Fox Ridge as features on the cover Homes & Land Magazine

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