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"Land Refined by Synergy"

"Optimizing the land's productivity,

by creating places of beauty."

- Michael Landers

Commercial Development

There are commercial development companies everywhere you look. However, all commercial developers are not created equal. If they were, the aesthetic landscape of commercial real estate would look much different: more unified, more connected, flowing, where each individual development makes the whole more refined. So your choice of a commercial developer to work with you on your land is crucial. To refine the piece of commercial land means to mine its hidden qualities, unearth its true potential. This process of growth will unfold gradually and will leave you as the landowner, as well as the commercial developer, a refined product which will enhance the landscape of the area where the land lays. Michael Landers has been involved in synergistic refinement of land for decades. Striving for excellence is paramount in his simplistic goal:  

“To develop places of beauty.”  We are eager to work with you on your particular piece of land in its refinement.

Completed Projects

No Commercial Property Currently Available

The Lock Box Self Storage

- Hiram, GA

90,000 sq ft 

Integrity Park

- Panama City Beach, FL

7,200 sq ft


Six unit office building fully occupied with quality tenants. Won Architecture award in 2004 for best new building.

Integrity Heights

- Smyrna, GA

41,000 sq ft


Multi-unit complex located off  

I-285 at South Cobb Dr and Highlands Pkwy.  Received the Buider Georgia Award 2007.

- Rome, GA

Greener Burger Company

2,400 sq ft


High end restaurant located at 315 Broad Street. This project won the Golden Nail Award in December 2010 also featured in V3 Magazine.

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