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"Land Refined by Synergy"

"Optimizing the land's productivity,

by creating places of beauty."

- Michael Landers

Residential Development

For the land’s residential productivity to truly be optimized, it must be examined from every angle, like an uncut diamond. Residential property is the same in many ways as commercial property. However like a diamond, residential land has different facets from commercial land. Residential land is where the home is, where the heart resides, a place of peace, where a family’s happiness should be found. In refining a residential property we must sculpt and mold and cut the land. This can be done in an array of options: single-family detached, single-family attached, condominiums, townhomes, etc. Let us help you turn your residential land into a place of beauty where others can call it home.

Completed Projects

The Terraces at Fox Ridge

- Townsend, TN

(+/-) 34 acres

32 Townhome Units

Concord Hall

- Smyrna, GA

27 Custom Townhome Units


Kinzel Springs Home

Cedar and stone home with custom cabinetry, fireplace, elevator, and beautiful landscaping. As featured on the Cover of Home and Land Magazine

3,000+ sq ft

The Manor

- Buckhead, GA

6 lot custom homes ranging from 

$700,000 to $1,000,000

- Townsend, TN

- Townsend, TN

Kinzel Springs Home

Land Currently Available

The Cottages

at West Sandtown Rd

 Douglasville, GA 30314

As featured on the Cover of Home and Land Magazine

3,000+ sq ft

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