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"Land Refined by Synergy"

"Optimizing the land's productivity,

by creating places of beauty."

- Michael Landers

Michael Landers


From Decatur Alabama, graduated from Austin High School, and has explored many fields of business: outdoor advertising, real estate, retail development, sales, restauranteur as well as a logistic company. However, from a young age he worked with his father in the refinement of pieces of land in the Decatur Alabama area. This proved to be the field to which he gravitated until in 2007 when, along with thousands of other developers, his companies were devastated by the economic downturn. Thus he chose to leave the industry for over seven years. However, he missed the solid footing that the land offers. Thus returning to the optimization of the land this year, 2017 by starting Productive Land Development as well as Productive Land Brokers, a real estate firm, so that he can continue to do what his heart impels him, build places of beauty. He looks forward to assisting you in any way possible, as a land-owner, developer, builder or home-buyer.

Lorna Mazur


Born in Long Beach, California, daughter of Ted Mazur, a successful electrician, she is tireless in her work ethic and has talent not only to see a job completed but also completed in the right manner. Even though she serves as assistant to Mr. Landers in administrative matters, she is also a principal in the ownership structure of Productive Land Development. She is a valued resource to our company and serves in many different roles including the translation of the Spanish language for Latino customers. She is anxious to hear from you to help in whatever way possible to make your desired path a success.

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